Due to the wonderful location and superb natural facilities, Minang Cove Resort has an abundance of activities right on our doorstep. From the resort beach you can enjoy snorkelling, sea kayaking and scuba diving. In addition and within a short boat trip you can play an 18 hole golf course.

Jungle Trekking

Words alone cannot express the atmosphere felt once you step into Tiomans tropical rainforest. The sights, sounds and smells are so unique. A 45 mins trek takes you into Kampong Mukut, a small fishing village. 1 hour 45 mins takes you to Tiomans largest Waterfall. Here you may swim in the cool, refreshing pool at the base of the falls. . For the more adventurous, climb one of the 2490ft "Twin Peaks". Only for the very fit and must be accompanied by a guide.


Great fun for the whole family. Whether you snorkel off the beach or take a boat to one of the small islands, you will be amazed by the beauty of the coral reefs and its inhabitance. We have floats and rings for the not so strong swimmers. Masks, snorkels and fins can be rented at the resort.


Under the guidance of an experienced Dive Master or instructor explore all local sites, each having their own individual characteristics. The South China Sea hosts prolific marine life consisting of Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks, Rays, Barracudas and many others. See the dedicated Scuba Dive page for more information.

Dive from our purpose built speedboats, and our staff will bring you to a variety of dive sites. Diving in Tioman is a wonderful experience. Visibility is incredible and offers many beautiful reefs. We have a well equipped Dive centre for all your diving needs.

Tioman has warm, clear water, where you will encounter beautiful tropical fish, soft corals, giant table coral formations, as well as variety of other marine life. The speedboats are outfitted with the latest safety features and designed for comfort in order to give you the best diving experience possible. At Pulau Jahat 10 minutes from our resort, you can see a dramatic series of underwater pinnacles and coral bommies. The best area of the site is at around 12 meters where you will be in awe of the soft coral gardens and the hard coral variety. Sepoy Rock, Bahara & Jahat are just a few minutes away from Minang Cove Resort. Among other popular dives are Chebeh, Fan Canyon,Teluk Kador, Malang Rock, Labas, Tiger Reef, Soyah, Salang Bay, Marine Park and Renggis.

You can also dive from the beach in front of the resort. No need to go far to discover extensive marine life. The dive range is between 6m and 27m. The resort wreck site is at 12 meters, which makes for an easy but interesting beach dive.

The visibility is at its best and can reach up to 30m from March till October. One of the worlds best dive sites, its spectacular underwater landscape, attracts large numbers of fish.

Island Tour

Explore the coastline of Tioman aboard our speed boat. The full day trip stops at wonderful coral reefs for snorkeling. Stop off at villages for site seeing and lunch as well as other interesting places around the Island.

Whats Best to Do

  • Snorkeling off the beach
  • Scuba Dive courses
  • Discover scuba diving
  • Jungle trekking to Mukut village and Waterfall
  • Night jungle walks
  • Visit the marine park
  • Camp fire on the beach
  • Fish feeding at the resort jetty
  • Take a book from our library and relax on the sundeck
  • Romantic Dinner
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Fishing

Things for the Kids

  • Building sand castles
  • Building dam's in the stream
  • Feeding fish
  • Hermit crab racing
  • Discover scuba dive